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Street Fashion: @FresherApparel Interview/Collection #2 Pre-Order and Release

Who is Fresher Apparel? 

We are a team of four people: some of us artists and designers, college students and graduates, and people who just love art, hip hop and fashion. 

How was the name of the brand created?

 Fresher originally began as stencil-based t-shirts made in my garage back in 2005 when I was in high school. The name comes from a Mitch Hedberg joke where he talks about what you would call things if you named them by what they did by adding “er” to the end. I’m not going to give the whole story away but what would you call something that keeps shit fresh? -Scott

Who are Fresher Apparel’s target customers?

Fresher focuses strongly on good, timeless designs that have mass appeal. Our main target customers are high school and college-aged individuals. Although we see most Fresher customers in that age range, we’re open to anyone who wants to be Fresher fitted. -Scott

With so many up coming clothing lines out , what makes Fresher Apparel different from other lines?

 We believe in collaboration.One of our goals is to work with different artists, designers, athletes, musicians, etc. We may have good designs up our sleeves, but we also know that there’s a ton of good art already out there. We know that although many of us are talented, it can be hard to get notice, to get heard, to get seen, or get printed. Fresher aims to create a means for those whose style and vision align with ours. So if you want to be seen and heard, let us know! 

Name 5 celebs you would like seeing rock FRSHR?

Chris brown, Justin Beiber, Chiddy Bang, Lil Wayne, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

S/O to Hoodie Allen, Instant Noodles Dance Crew, Starting Six, and Chukwudi Hodge for rocking gear from our first release. 

What’s in the works for Fresher Apparel this year?

We are kicking off this year with more consistent releases. There are already plans for snap backs, new stickers, of course some tees/tanks coming as we approach summer. We are also planning to bring back some of the popular designs that Fresher debuted with back in 2005. A few collaborations are already in the works, so we’ll see where that leads. We have endless possibilities and we want to see what’s out there and what’s to come from working with all you artists out there.

Tell the world about your Collection #2 Release!

California based street-wear label, Fresher Apparel has opened up pre-orders for the first two pieces of their second collection ”Collection 2”. The brand which is inspired by the cultures of street wear, hip-hop, skateboarding, and dance, Fresher is here to cultivate these inspirations as well as welcome in a new era of fresh. Fresher was established in the fall of 2011, and looks to improve on its first collection with a promising debut of the first pieces of Collection 2! The new line is launching with two crewneck sweatshirts which are available by pre-order only between 3/5-3/20 and will be shipping early-mid April. Collections might consist of several releases and most designs will only be printed once with few exceptions. (via Scott - frshr)


Checkout FRSHR on TWITTER @FresherApparel  and FB.


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