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Release Reminder: Diamond Supply Co. (@NickyDiamonds) x Nike Dunk High Premium SB

The wait is over… Today Nike releases the high anticipated “Tiffany Dunks”. Their available now at your local sneaker shops, Retail for $108. These will most definitely sell out. Good luck on copping a pair because I know the resell for these probably be $300-$400+. 

Release Reminder: Reebok Question Mid “Valentine’s Day”

The Reebok Question “Valentine’s Day" are scheduled to release on Today at your Local sneaker spots. Retail for $95, Available in Ladies and Kids sizes. Perfect kicks for V-day. Fellas, these would be great gift for your lady or ME … ;-)

Fashion: MCM (@MCMtweets) S/S 2014 “Paradiso” Collection

MCM will bereleasing their “Paradiso” Collection just in time for Spring/Summer. The collection is filled with BOLD Loud colors and plenty floral. From totes to backpacks, you have several options to choose from. This collection would make perfect use for the Beach this summer (YES I would rock this at the beach hunny). The collection is available online now. 

Sneakers: Converse S/S 2014 Collection


Fashion: PATTA #SSS Ladies Editorial 

Streetwear Spotlight: Get Hi!p Society (@GetHiipSociety)


Q: Tell the readers a little bit about your brand and how it got started?

A: I am Melvin Conner, 24yrs old From Alexandria, Virginia and I started a Streetwear Brand Called Get Hi!p Society Clothing.
My brand got started in 2011 away at college in Fort Wayne, Indiana at a school Called Indiana Tech. So me and my homeboy were walking around campus and people would come up to us and comment on the stuff we wore. Some of the students around campus would comment, “that’s fresh, where you get it at?” So, me and my home boy Mike would tell them we just put stuff together. So then we thought to ourselves we should start our own clothing line. So then comes the hard part (lol). So later that day we went to the mall, on our way there we thought of some names. First we had “Survival of the Fittest,” then we were like that’s too good to be true so I searched the name up and someone had it. Then we went back to thinking and me and Mike thought of the name “Get Hi!p.” So then we were like Get Hi!p we need another part to the name. So then I kept saying Get Hi!p in my head then the word Society popped up in my head and I told my homeboy what about the name “Get Hi!p Society” and he was like yo that’s it! So that’s what we stuck with.

Q: What brands influenced you when it came to designing?

A: I would say Get Hi!p Society is a Lifestyle/street wear brand because we focus on things that we see and experience everyday. We have a lot of influences. I say one of them was Neff Headwear because of his designs, he uses a lot of bright colors and cool designs to bring his brand alive and that’s what we are trying to do with our brand. Also what attracted us was his story of getting some beanies from Target and writing Neff on it and passing them out to skate boarders and snowboards. People caught on to the name and a couple months later his brand blew up! Another influence is Johnny Cup Cakes and Pink Dolphin, these two brands have inspired us so much because they started from the ground up and built their brand to what it is today.

Q: What makes Get Hi!p Society different from other street wear brands?

A: What sets us apart from the others is we are not scared to throw a little pink or purple in are designs here and there, from time to time some people think those colors are too girly but we don’t care. We make it work and we add are own twist to it to make things look different. “So we dare you to be different.” We also may throw a little cheetah or animal print in are designs, something different that nobody really does. Another thing that separates us is we are from Virginia and there not a lot of street wear brands out of Virginia, most of them or if not all of them are in LA. I would say we could be the next big thing in Virginia, so we trying represent Virginia in a good and positive way!


Twitter: @GetHiipSociety x @GHSFollowers
Instagram: @GetHiipSociety x @GetHiipSocietyLadies

Sneakers: PUMA x Solange 'Girls of Blaze' Disc Collection

Solange Knowles has announced her new role as art director and creative consultant for PUMA via Instagram. as the new art director her first collection, ‘Girls of Blaze’ is collaboration between her and a team of designers that were inspired by the sights and sounds of Brazil. This collection is scheduled to release in February 2014. I cant wait to see what else creative she will release for next year.

Street Style: Married to the MOB (@MTTM_NYC) Holiday 2013 Collection Featuring Lil Debbie (@L1LDebbie)

MTTM has dropped another DOPE holiday collection this year featuring Cali rapper Lil Debbie. The collection includes leopard print, crewnecks, and supreme B*tch crop tops. The collection is available online at

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